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News and Updates!

Hello All! 

Here's a quick update on how things are going with the book...

I'm working hard on some updates and revisions to "The Violin Shop." Thank you all for your great feedback so far. 

You'll notice some changes on this blog as I make some initial changes to the first several chapters. I may add Chapter 6 and 7 here as well, but after that, it's on to getting the book done and published! 

My plan is to finish my manuscript completely, and then enlist some beta readers (that's you!) for some feedback on the project. 

After that, the book will go through the editorial process, and then I will tackle the necessary corrections and rewrites. 

Once beta reads, editing, and rewrites are finished, the only thing left before publishing will be final proofing of the manuscript. 

I'm still debating the traditional trade publishing route vs. self-publishing on Amazon. I've had great feedback in regards to both options. I'm going to see how things go with t…


Chapter 5 Let’s Make a Deal To the child all is wonder, Dangers appear as harmless games. To the mother all is peril, She sees the Reaper in the flames. The morning after the investment dinner, Arlo Jofre woke from a deep and dreamless sleep at precisely 5:30 AM. He hadn’t needed an alarm clock, even though he went to bed just four hours earlier. He rose before the sun as a habit, his body never failing to wake him up at the same time. The Spaniard threw the covers off and began his morning routine. While his espresso was brewing on the stove, he did some calisthenics in the kitchen to get his blood pumping, starting with jumping jacks. Just as he finished a set of push-ups, the sound of steam pushing the high-octane liquid up through the brewer let him know his caffeine was ready. He grabbed an old ceramic mug from the cabinet above the sink and poured enough steaming espresso to fill the large mug to the brim. He did not add sugar, cream, or milk, as he liked the bitterness of espresso se…