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Chapter 4 The Other Family Business An eye for an eye, A heart for a heart, A debt for a debt, Just a droplet to start. One droplet now ten, Ten thousand times more, Old walls closing in, Crushing all. Such is war. In the years immediately following the conclusion of World War II, Austria was in a wretched state of depression. The dogs of war had run wild over her beautiful hills and valleys, and laid waste to the romantic charm of her towns and cities. What was to be done with Austria going forward? What should be done to her or for her? What of her people? Some argued that Austria deserved the bed of devastation in which she lay, since she was technically part of Germany after being annexed by the Nazis in 1938. They argued that she should be allowed to rot and wallow in her misery as punishment for her part in the war. Others saw Austria as more of a helpless victim who had no choice but to join Germany when faced with the possibility of invasion by the Nazi war machine. Eventually, the vict…


Chapter 3 Family is Forever

Something secret, Something gold. Something new is something old. Turn back time, And you will see You always were. You’ll always be. Think of how strange it was to see your father crying for the first time. Think of how disoriented you felt when you first saw your mother truly hurting, her cheeks wet with tears or her eyes reddened with sorrow. Think of the first funeral you ever attended, family all around…pained faces long as they tried to process the situation. Most of the people you love and respect were probably there. They were much different that day, weren’t they? Picture it. See it. Do you remember? Were you speechless? How did you act? How did you respond? The first time the veil of perfection is pulled back from those we love is incredibly unnerving. To a child, a moment like this is poignant and sticks around in their consciousness for a long time. Depending on the level of intensity, a moment such as this can even change the trajectory of their life. …